How To Create A Test Drive Form

How To Create A Test Drive Form features built in Test Drive Forms - allowing dealerships to eliminate paper and reduce the leakage of customer info that doesn't end up in the DMS.  We have found that via using the Sales Pipeline Test Drive Forms dealers have captured up to 9x more customer details than using their DMS alone. 

There are several ways to create a Test Drive Form.

From A Listing
From the View Listings screen you can click on the button and select 'Test Drive' to create a Test Drive Form for the selected listing.  You will be taken to the 'Add New Test Drive' screen outlined below, but the Listing will already be selected.

From A Contact
When viewing an individual contact in the Address Book you can click on the + icon to add a new Test Drive Form.  You will be taken to the 'Add New Test Drive' screen outlined below, but the Customer Record will already be selected.

From The Dashboard
To create a Test Drive Form from the Dashboard you can click on the + icon and select 'Test Drive'.  This will allow you to create a Lead and a Test Drive at the same time.  it is not possible to create a Test Drive without first creating a Lead, but by clicking on add new Test Drive you are automatically guided through the process without having to undertake two separate actions.

If you immediately create the Test Drive then the Drivers Licence image you scan will be automatically stored against the Test Drive Form without having to re-scan.  However if you do not immediately create a Test Drive Form only the Licence Details will be retained, whilst the Licence image will be discarded for privacy reasons.


1.  Manually typing in your contact information
You can manually key in your customers information including their name, address and licence details.  If is important you capture this information accurately as it ensures you can always identify who had your vehicle at any time.  You can click on 'LOOKUP' under the address fields to complete a Google Address Lookup of your contacts address.

2.  Scan your customers Business Card or Drivers Licence
If you have the customers Business Card or Drivers Licence you can use the built in scanning functionality to scan one of these cards via the camera icon in the grey action menu.  This eliminates the need to manually type information into, and ensures Drivers Licence information is captured accurately - key when loaning your vehicles out.  To find out more about Drivers Licence Scanning click HERE.  It is a good idea to scan a Drivers Licence here as it will be automatically saved if you immediately complete a Test Drive Form

3.  Looking the customer up in your customer database
If you click on the 'LOOKUP' button under the customer info, you can run a search against existing customers in your database based on the info you have keyed in.   You do not have to enter ALL the customer info to search your database, but you can only search if you have at least one of First Name, Last Name and Company, and one of Phone, Mobile and Email.  If you have open leads against this customer you can view these using the 'VIEW LEADS' button.  You can choose the matching customer record using the 'SELECT' button, or ignore by hitting 'CANCEL'.

To proceed to the next step click on the red 'ADD' button at the bottom of the screen.  As it is so important to maintain a clean and tidy database, if you have not already run a customer search will automatically run one and let you know if their are similar customers already in the database, and if so provide an opportunity to update any details that may conflict with the info just captured.

 Before you are able to save you must complete the mandatory fields.  The Test Drive Form uses the same mandatory fields as when creating a lead.

At this point you will arrive at the Test Drive Form screen, but you have yet to create a Test Drive Form.  If you leave the screen now you will not record anything.  To ensure you don't lose any customer info you must click 'SAVE' before leaving this screen. 

From A Lead
The most common method of creating a Test Drive Form is via an existing Lead.  If you start from an existing lead you do not need to select a customer, listing, lead source, type or campaign as this has already been captured as part of loading the lead.

To complete your Test Drive Form you need to capture as much information as possible vi the following sections;

1.  Details 

Test Drive Form - Select you want to use when you print.  This field is compulsory, but will default to whatever you have set up for your yard, so is only relevant if you have alternate versions that you want to use.  Click HERE to find out more about Test Drive Form Templates

Sales Person - The Salesperson is locked to the current owner of the lead.  If you are a manager you are able to create a Test Drive for another user, but this will display the Salesperson as the current lead owner.

Select A Listing - You have likely already got a listing selected on your lead - in which case this step can be skipped.  However if the lead is on a different vehicle (e.g a "brochureware" listing), then you can change this via the 'SELECT' button.  You can initially choose from any Listing that is on the Lead (Primary or Other).  You can also choose the 'Select More' option to choose from all the listings you have rights to select in the Listings role, which can be searched via the keyword or Yard drop downs.  Any 'Other' listing you select will automatically be added to the Lead in the 'Other Listings' section.

If you select a listing that is already booked out on another Test Drive or Loan Vehicle Form you will see a warning message letting you know this.

In 19.4 can now not only alert you if a Vehicle is double booked for a Test Drive, but also stop the vehicle from being double booked if desired.  The Overdue Test Drive function now has role attribute which is a tick box to 'Prevent Double Booking Test Drives'.  When added to a role for a yard if a listing has been booked out on a Test Drive or Loan Car Form and the time conflicts with a new Test Drive it will prevent the user from booking the vehicle out.  You will need to complete the outstanding TD in order to book a new one for that vehicle.

If you wish to record a Test Drive against a vehicle you don't have in stock you can do so by deleting the listing.  This will reveal a field to manually type in vehicle details.  This does not delete the Listing from your lead.

2.  Test Drive Notes

Notes - enter any Notes relevant to the Test Drive Form.  You can drag the corner of the Notes field to give yourself more space to type if required.

3.  Duration

Start Date/Time - The 'Started' date/time will default to the current time.  You can manually change this using the date pickers to schedule a Test Drive in advance of the customer being in the dealership.

End Date/Time - The 'Ended' date/time will default to the current time + 30 mins.  If this time passes without the Test Drive Form being completed it will generate a notification that your Test Drive is overdue.  Click HERE to read more about overdue Test Drives.

Completed - The 'Completed' check box is used to record when the Test Drive has finished.  Read more about Completing Test Drives HERE

Auto Complete - If you wish to automatically book the listing back into stock, you can do so by entering an end time in advance, and ticking the 'Auto Complete' check box  

Odometer Out - The Odometer Out field can be used to record the KM's on the vehicle before the Test Drive.  Recording the 'Odometer In' when the vehicle is returned lets you know how many KM's the customer has done whilst taking the Test Drive.

4.  Second Driver

If there is going to be a Second Driver you can capture their details on the Test Drive Form.  You can also capture a photo of their Drivers Licence and scan their details via the camera icon in the grey action menu, or within the 'Add/Edit Images' section.  Make sure to first click on '2nd Licence' to ensure you are adding to the second drivers details instead of the first.

5.  Options

Before giving the Test Drive vehicle to your customer you need to disclose your Test Drive T&Cs and get them to sign (click HERE to find out how to manage your Test Drive T&C's).  You can do this via the icon in the grey action menu, or by clicking on 'View & Sign' in the 'Options' section.  

Test Drive T&C's - If you have different sets of T&C's for different purposes you can select these here as well.  The Terms & Conditions will default to whatever you have set up for your dealership and yard.  Note - an image of the signed Test Drive T&C's is saved, so if the T&C's are changed at a later date you still have a snapshot of what the customer signed at the time of signing.

Terms Accepted - Signing the T&C's will date stamp the signatures, and tick the 'Terms Accepted' check box.  The Terms and Conditions can be set as a mandatory field.

Trade In - The 'Trade In' check box enables a salesperson to record that the customer may have a Trade In vehicle for future reference.

Finance - The 'Finance' check box enables a salesperson to record if the customer is likely to be interested in finance.

Update Lead Progress - the 'Update Lead Progress' check box is ticked by default and will automatically update your Lead Progress to Test Drive to save you having to do this manually.

6.  Check Out

The final step before handing over the keys is to take photos of the vehicles condition before you have given it to the customer.  This is not compulsory, but can be helpful if any damage is incurred.  To do this click on the Check Out tab in the 'Add/Edit Images' section and select either the camera icon in the grey action menu, or the icon circled below within the 'Add/Edit Images' section.  This is a great way to ensure that there are no disputes about any damage that occurs on the vehicle whilst in the possession of the customer.

7.  After Saving Your Test Drive

Once you have saved your Test Drive Form you will see a few new options available within the grey action menu. 

Print - If your process requires you to physically print a Test Drive Form you can do so using the printer icon.  Click HERE to read more about printing Test Drive Forms.

Email - you can email the details captured on your Test Drive Form to any email address using the email icon.  Click HERE to read more about emailing Test Drive Forms.

Delete - if you are a manager in the Manage Leads role you can delete your form via the MORE icon.  Click HERE to read more about deleting Test Drive Forms

Audit - if you have the Audit role you can view a history of all the changes to this particular Test Drive Form via the MORE icon

View Lead - You can navigate back to the Lead via the 'View Lead' button.  This is helpful when you have accessed your Test Drive Form via the Vehicle Registry.  

When you have finished editing your Test Drive Form you will see a red "SAVE" button if you have unsaved changes.  Otherwise you can click back on the browser, or "CLOSE" to return to your lead.

When a vehicle is out on loan, a small 'ON TEST DRIVE' banner will appear against this listing throughout the system to let all sales people know that the vehicle is not physically at the dealership.  To remove the banner you must check the vehicle back into stock.  Click HERE to find out more about completing Test Drive Forms.

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