Test Drive Kiosk

Test Drive Kiosk

  1. We have now rebuilt Kiosk mode in AutoPlayAuto.com.  Kiosk Users have been created to allow access only to create new Test Drives and search Listings, as no other Menu options will display.  
  2. A Kisok User is configured by adding the User to the Kiosk Role, flagged as Manager.   


Test Drives can be assigned to a Sales Person.  Users in this drop down field are determined by users who have the Kiosk role but are not flagged as a Manager.  


You can complete the Customer details of the form by either;

  1. Manually entering in your customers information including their name, address and licence details.  If is important you capture this information accurately as it ensures you can always identify who had your vehicle at any time.
  2. Scanning the customer's Business Card or Drivers Licence via the camera icon in the grey action menu.  This eliminates the need to manually type information into AutoPlayAuto.com, and ensures Drivers Licence information is captured accurately - key when loaning your vehicles out.  To find out more about Drivers Licence Scanning click HERE.  It is a good idea to scan a Drivers Licence here as it will be automatically saved if you immediately complete a Test Drive Form

Customer Lookup

On completion of the Customer Details and click of 'LOOKUP' or on click of 'ADD' a search is done on existing customers to find an existing match.  To ensure Customer privacy - Dealers have the ability to configure the role  to allow a Customer Lookup to be done either by;

1. A salesperson entering a pin on click of Lookup (select Role Attribute 'Allow Similar Customer Search with PIN)
  1. On populating customer details and any mandatory fields on the Test Drive on click of Lookup,  user will be prompted to enter a PIN, and will then be able to proceed with creating the Test Drive. click HERE for more information on creating Test Drives.
2. A Customer match is only made on  the Drivers Licence Number provided (no Role Attribute selected)
  1. The Lookup option does not display but on SAVE  the search is done automatically. If a match is found on either the Drivers Licence number or the mobile number then a the existing Customer Record is used. This will be used without any prompting to the user.
  2. Any existing Customer Record fields that are different to the Test Drive will be overwritten, with the exception of blank Test Drive fields, these will NOT overwrite existing Customer Record fields.
  3. In addition, On click of the SAVE/ADD then the existing Leads will display with the option to add a Test Drive or Appraisal to the existing Lead. 

  4. If a match is not made or a Drivers Licence number is not supplied  then the Test Drive can be created as normal.  

If the first option is selected the Pin number is set up on the My Details page.  In the Details Section is a new field called User PIN.  There is an option to generate a PIN or enter your own. 

Populate Test Drive Details

  1. Complete Lead Type, Source and Campaign
  2. Select Listing  by clicking the 'SELECT' button next to Listing. This will bring up a list of available Yards and listings with a keyword search function.
  3. Click ADD.
  4. The Test Drive has been completed and will be assigned to the selected 'Salesperson' for managing as required.  See the Support Guide Overview - Test Drives for more information. 

Add Appraisal and Test Drives to Existing Leads

  1. After entering the Customer details - a User can choose to complete a customer Look up.  This will match on existing records and allow the User to PREVIEW any existing leads and SELECT a record if match is found. 
  2. On click of the SAVE/ADD then the existing Leads will display with the option to add a Test Drive or Appraisal to the existing Lead. 

Enabling Vehicle Registry In Test Drive Kiosk Mode

The Test Drive Kiosk mode is designed to work best when set up on an tablet in a Kiosk.  As the tablet is accessible to the general public for privacy reasons we need to eliminate the possibility of a customer accessing and viewing other customers information.  For that reason by default we do not search the customer info for similar customers unless the role attribute 'Allow Similar Customer Search By PIN' is enabled.  If this role is enabled the user can enter their unique pin to search for existing customer records - stopping customers from searching other customer details.

For the same reason by default when in Kiosk mode we don't allow the Kiosk login to access other screens including the Vehicle Registry.  If you require the Vehicle Registry on the Kiosk mode it is possible to access this if the role attribute 'Enable Vehicle Registry' is enabled on your Kiosk role.  The Vehicle Registry will allow you to load Loan Cars but it remains the responsibility of the dealership to ensure access to this is controlled and customers do not search other customers personal information.

You can read more about the Role Management for Kiosk mode HERE‚Äč

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