Scanning Driver Licences For Test Drive

Scanning Driver Licences For Test Drive

Creating A Test Drive Straight From The Dashboard
To create a Test Drive Form from the Dashboard you can click on the + icon and select 'Test Drive'.  This will allow you to create a Lead and a Test Drive at the same time.  it is not possible to create a Test Drive without first creating a Lead, but by clicking on add new Test Drive you are automatically guided through the process without having to undertake two separate actions.

If you immediately create the Test Drive then the Drivers Licence image you scan will be automatically stored against the Test Drive Form without having to re-scan.  However if you do not immediately create a Test Drive Form only the Licence Details will be retained, whilst the Licence image will be discarded for privacy reasons.

The scanning functionality can be accessed on any device where a camera is detected, but works best via tablet or smartphone.  To scan a Drivers Licence click on the camera icon in the grey action menu as circled below.  Click HERE to find out more about Drivers Licence Scanning. 

Once you hit the camera icon you you may need to give permission to access your devices camera, which you need to accept in order to scan a Drivers Licence.  If you accidentally 'Decline' then search our FAQ's for "I Cannot Take Photos".  
  1. To scan a Drivers Licence ensure you choose the 'Driver Licence' option on the green toggle
  2. To scan a Business Card ensure you choose the 'Business Card' option on the green toggle
  3. If you choose 'Business Card' and scan a Drivers Licence (or vice versa) your scan will not work

In order to scan correctly the following conditions must be met;
  1. You must have the Drivers Licence positioned within the green frame.  
  2. You must have the device still and stable so your image is not blurry
  3. You must have adequate light in order to scan correctly - natural light works best
  4. The Drivers Licence must not be dirty or damaged
If all the conditions above are met it is possible that AutoPlay does not recognise the format of the licence.  If this arises contact AutoPlay and we will look into it with our OCR supplier.

Once you have completed your licence scan the licence details will be populated within the 'Licence Details' section.  The Licence Image will appear on your Test Drive Form.

If you have navigated to the 'Add New Test Drive' screen from the Dashboard you will find it functions exactly like the 'Add New Lead' screen.  If you select an existing customer from the database and your scanned details differ then you will be prompted to update your database contact with the newly scanned info. 

In addition the system will automatically detect if you are about to create a duplicate customer or lead and display this information to you.  Click HERE to read more about the customer matching process when adding a new lead.

Creating A Test Drive From An Existing Lead
If you are creating a Test Drive from an existing lead the process is slightly different.  As you have already selected a customer record you do not need to do this again.  However you will need to scan and photograph the customers Drivers Licence as this is only stored against Test Drives, and is not permanently stored against Leads or Contact records.

To add a Test Drive from an existing lead either click on the option in the action menu, or the green 'ADD' button in the 'Test Drive' section.

From here you will go straight to the Test Drive Form.  To scan a Drivers Licence click on the camera icon in the header or open the 'Images' section and click on the camera icon.  From here the process of completing your Drivers Licence Scan is the same as that outlined above.

To find out more about the process of creating a Test Drive Form click HERE.

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