Lead Allocation - Rostered Days Off

Lead Allocation - Rostered Days Off

As of 20.8.1 it is now possible to set up 'Rostered Days Off' when using the automatic rotation with the 'Use Manager Rotation' setting enabled.  Rostered Days Off need to work in conjunction with the function allowing the automatic rotation of new lead allocation to the sales team.  Read more about this functionality HERE

In the User screen it's now possible to tick the users rostered day off from the Mon to Fri check boxes.  Ticking this box will automatically prevent the user from being allocated leads (or receiving allocation emails) during the days they are regularly rostered off work.  Rostered days off cover 12.01 AM to midnight.

Where 'On Holiday' will take the user completely out of the rotation until unticked, the Rostered Days Off allows you to set recurring days where the user should not be automatically allocated any new leads.  Please make sure to tick the days the user is out of the dealership, rather than the days they are rostered on to work.

When a user has rostered days off set against them, this will be displayed on the Lead Management screen.  When the user returns to work AutoPlay will automatically slot the user back into the automatic rotation in their normal position (it will not reset the queue and it will not change the priority order).  This function will ONLY work when the 'Use Manager Rotation' checkbox is ticked on the Lead Management screen.
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