Lead Management - Auto Allocate by Rotation

Lead Management - Auto Allocate by Rotation

Function Overview

When a new lead is captured electronically (via email or API if not specified as belonging to a particular user in the API integration) - Dealers can now set up a Lead Management setting that users a 'Manager Rotation' instead of the 'Automatically Allocated' function that exists. The Lead Management setting can be set up by Make, Yard, Source and Campaign, so when electronic leads are received that match the correct criteria the Leads will be assigned by rotation to each of the selected Managers. With the 21.5.1 May release, managers may now be entered multiple times in a single rotation. This is controlled via a new Tick box "Allow Managers Multiple Selections".

Creating the Lead Management Record
  1. On the Lead Management Setting is a new 'Use Manager Rotation' option.  On tick the 'Managers' section displays.   
  2. The existing function of Email Recipients, Outgoing Emails and SMS Recipients is still available. 
Manager Selection
  1. Managers that display in the list are defined by the Yard settings that applied.  For example if 'All Yards' are selected then All Users in the Manage Leads role will display, but if there are add restrictions then only the applicable Managers display. 
  2. Warning messages will display if the same User is selected twice in the rotation
  3. Sort order of the rotation can be modified by dragging and dropping by 'clicking' on the 'arrow icon' next to the users name.   When the sort order is changed the rotation will reset back to the first available user selected. 
  4. The 'active' flag for the Users can be edited on this screen, and there is also on option on the 'My Details' screen that enables users to flag themselves as being 'On Holiday' - when this is selected the 'active' flag is removed for. When returning an active user this will also reset the current rotation. 

My Details - Account Preferences

The following screenshot shows the My Details screen with the 'On Holiday' option

Adding Rostered Days Off
As of 20.8.1 it's now possible to add recurring Rostered Days Off for your sales team.  This function ensures that salespeople/managers who are not scheduled to work will not be automatically allocated a new captured lead on their days off.  You can read more about this function HERE.

In a Yard where Auto Rotation is configured, when you delete a User, that user will now be automatically removed from the Auto Rotation (both in and after hours)

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