How To Manage Overdue Test Drives

How To Manage Overdue Test Drives

When a Test Drive Form has an 'End Date/Time' set and that time passed the Test Drive will be flagged as 'Overdue', and a notification will be generated to the user who owns the lead, and any of their managers.  See Role Management - Overdue Test Drive Notification.

When in the Dashboard any notification appears as a small warning icon on each lead with an Overdue Test Drive.

In addition there is a warning icon in the grey action menu.  This will show ALL the notifications relevent to the logged in user.  To read more about Notifications click HERE.

Click on the Test Drive Notification in order to view it.  This will open the lead with the Overdue Test Drive and within the Test Drive section the 'Ended Date' will be showing in red to signal that the vehicle is overdue to be returned.

It is important that vehicles are checked back in when the Test Drive is completed as if this is not done, other users will believe the vehicle is still unavailable on Test Drive.  Read more about completing Test Drives HERE.

If you complete the Test Drive or amend the End Date the Notification will clear.  You can also clear all Notifications via the tick icon pictured below on the Notifications popup.

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