How To Create An Email Response

How To Create An Email Response

AutoPlay has a built in Email Response Tool that enables sales people to build customised, professional HTML emails.  The strength of the AutoPlay Email Response Tool is the ability to create personalised video email responses that can be used to build rapport with customers.

You can send an Email Response via from several different screens.  You can read more about this HERE.
  1. From The Dashboard Shortcut
  2. From My Listings
  3. From The Address Book
  4. From The Email Screen
  5. From A Lead
The most common way to send an Email Response is from the View Lead screen.  When viewing a individual lead you can click on the communication icon in the grey action menu, and select the 'New Email Response' option.  Alternatively you can open the 'Communications' section and click on the green 'ADD' button.

When sending an email there are several steps that need to be completed.  

1. Standard Response - Before you do anything on your email you may want to load a 'Standard Response'.  You can do so by clicking on the email icon in the action menu as circled below.  The Standard Response would wipe you email content so can only be selected before completing any of the other fields.  Standard Responses can be customised to load text, images and an email template, and can be set up to be visible to all users or selected users only.  In addition if you have specified that your Standard Response only be available on certain Yards or Lead Sources, you will only be able to select the Standard Response if your Lead is in the correct yard, with the correct Lead Source.

Click HERE to find out more about Standard Responses.

Once you have built an email the 'Load Standard Response' icon changes to a 'Save Standard Response' icon.  This lets you save your email as a Standard Response to use again at a later date.

2. Template - The first step when building a email response is to select a 'Template'  Email Templates can be set up to be visible to all users, or selected users only.  If you are planning to include a video in your email it's important you choose an email template that is compatible with video.  You will only be able to select from 'Email Response' type templates - to send a bulk email send via 'Email Campaigns'.  To read more about email templates click HERE.

3.  Listing - If you have come to the New Email screen from a Listing or a Lead the Primary Listing will already be populated in your email.  To change the vehicle on your email click on the 'SELECT' button.  This will show you any 'Other' listings you have selected on your lead, but you can click on 'Select more' to choose from all listings you have rights to view.  If you choose a listing that is not currently on the Lead it will back-fill to the lead record.  To remove all Listings from your email click on the rubbish bin icon next to each listing.

4. Update Lead Progress - By default the Update Lead Progress check box is not ticked.  If you tick the check box it will automatically update your Lead Progress to 'Email Sent'.  

5.  Email From - The 'Email From' field will automatically default to the logged in user.  However if you are a manager in the Manage Leads role you can select from any users who share the role with you.  When the email is sent any emails sent from AutoPlay are received as 'Sent by on behalf of 'User'.  This is to ensure that emails are received by the customer and not blocked as spam.

6.  Email To - If you are sending an email from a Customer or Lead record the 'Email To' field will be automatically populated with the customers email address.  You can manually type in additional emails, and remove any added recipients via the small x next to each recipients email.  In addition you can click on the 'ADD RECIPIENTS' button to select customers from your database.  Adding recipients does not change the customer on the lead.

7.  Subject - The subject line will default to '<Dealer Name> - Thanks for the enquiry on the <Year, Make, Model, Variant>' - based on the listing selected.  The subject line can be changed to whatever is required.

8.  Message - The Message field can be sued to type whatever you want to write to your customer.  If you have previously loaded a 'Standard Response' the message field may already be populated, but can be edited now without affecting your standard response.  In addition if you have set up 'Standard Text' you can load this text to the message field by clicking on the 'STANDARD TEXT' button.  Click HERE to read more about Standard Text.

9.  Add/Edit Images -  If you have a listing selected on your email the vehicle images will appear in the 'Add/Edit Images' section.  Here you can select an image and click on the rubbish bin to remove it from your email (the listing will remain unchanged).  You can also take a picture or upload from your device to add a new photo to the email that is not on the listing.  You can also click on the 'Image Bank' option to select from any images you have saved in the Image Bank.  You can drag and drop to change the order of images in your email - any changes you make here will not affect the listing.  If you are going to be building a stitched together video the images here will be used with your recorded voice over.

10.  Add/Edit Attachments -  If you need to attach anything to your email you can do so via the 'Add/Edit Attachments' section.  You can select any jpg or pdf file on your device, or if you have previously completed a Test Drive, Appraisal or Write Up Form you can choose to attach those PDF's as shown below.  Note there is a file size limit when uploading attachments for Email Response of 15mb.  You can read more about adding attachments HERE

11.  Voiceover Script - You can use this field to write a script to follow when recording a voice over.

12.  SAVE - Once you have completed all the relevant fields click 'SAVE' to make sure you don't lose your changes.  If your template does not support video you can send your email right away.

13.  Manage Voiceover - If you want to build a video from your images you can do so by clicking on the microphone icon in the grey action menu.  To record audio simply click on the record button as outlined below and record your voice over.  If you have not previously given permission to access your microphone you will be asked for this.  You can read more about granting microphone access in our FAQ's.  

As you record a helpful red outline will move through your images as a guide to assist with timing your recording to images.  We recommend keeping any recording to no more than 60 seconds.  Once you have finished recording click on the 'STOP' icon and 'SAVE' your recording.  You can listen to your recording via the 'PLAY' icon and re-record if you are not happy with it.

You can also click on the 'MORE' icon shown below to 'Upload audio file' (upload any MP3 you have rights to use), 'Select branded audio' (upload any branded audio you have set up in the 'Audio' screen) or 'Use Listing Audio' (to use whatever audio is recorded on your listing).  If you want to discard your audio you can select the 'Delete audio' option.  Click 'DONE' to close the recording window.

13.  PREVIEW - Before sending the email it's a good idea to click on 'PREVIEW' to take a look at how your recorded audio has been stitched together with the Listing images.  The preview will open in a new window and show you what the customer will receive.  You can click on the play button to watch your video.

13.  Video - As an alternative to the 'stitched' together video made from listing images and a voice over you can also add true MP4 videos.   

  1. Preview Video - The 'Preview Video' button allows you to view the video that is currently being used on your email (be it a 'stitched' video or a true MP4)
  2. Upload Video - 'Upload Video' enables you to upload a video file from your device.  This video must be an MP4 (the system will attempt to convert certain video formats to MP4) and must be smaller than 1GB (this is the hard max, the larger the video file the longer it will take to upload to  If you are using on a smartphone or tablet, when you select the 'Upload Video' option you will also see a 'Take Video' option.  This will let you film directly from your device and upload straight to your email (see screenshots below)
  3. Use Virtual Demo Video - If your listing has a Virtual Demo Video built (for display on stock page or used in Live Leads), you will be able to add this MP4 to your email
  4. Remove Video - If you want to remove your video select the 'Remove Video' option
Note - If you upload a video this will wipe whatever audio you have previously recorded for your stitched together audio.


As with 'stitched' together video it is recommended that you click on 'SAVE' and 'PREVIEW' your email before clicking 'SEND'.

Did you know it is also possible to send an email as an SMS?.  Read this article to find out more.

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