How To Add Attachments To Your AutoPlay Email Response

How To Add Attachments To Your AutoPlay Email Response

If you need to attach anything to your email you can do so via the 'Add/Edit Attachments' section. 

1. Select Local File
You can select any jpg, png or pdf file on your device by clicking on the 'Select Local File' button.  This will open a file explorer where you can find your file and attach it to your email.or if you have previously completed a Test Drive, Appraisal or Write Up Form you can choose to attach those PDF's as shown below.  The current limit to upload files for attaching to emails is 15mb (as at September 2021).

2. Lead/Listing Files
If you have previously completed a Loan Car, Test Drive, Appraisal or Write Up Form you can click on the 'Lead/Listing Files'.  This will show you the PDF forms available on this particular lead and allow you to attach those PDF's to your email.  This can be a nice way of professionally and transparently following up with your customers after a Test Drive or Write Up.

3. Remove Attachments
Once you have uploaded an attachment the file will be shown in the 'Add/Edit Attachments' section.  If you need to remove the attachment you can select it and click on the rubbish bin.  If you have multiple attachments you can use the 'Select All' button located next to the rubbish bin icon.

4. Preview/Download Attachments
If you have uploaded attachments to your email response, or if you are checking on an email response that has already been sent if you click on the attachments icon you will be presented to either Preview the attachment (this will use your browsers default settings to open and view the file) or to download the file (this will download the file to your systems specified downloads location).

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