Overview - F&I Form (Finance Form)

Overview - F&I Form (Finance Form)

The F&I Form (Finance and Insurance Form) is available to anyone who has the 'F&I Form Role'.  
  1. Users will only be able to add the form to existing Leads.
  2. The Form displays all Listing, Customer, Second Customer and Appraisal information, with a Finance Quote section  that can then be triggered for approval and then converted into Finance.   

The following Support Guide provides an overview on how the Finance Form is used.

  1. Role Management - F&I Role
  2. How to Create a F&I From (Finance and Insurance Form)
  3. Approving and Converting a F&I Form (Finance and Insurance Form)
  4. Searching for a  F&I Form (Finance and Insurance Form)
  5. Setting Up a Finance and Insurance Provider

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