Automation - What Is AutoPlay Automation & Why You Should Use It

Automation - What Is AutoPlay Automation & Why You Should Use It

With so much activity occurring at a dealership or across a dealer group it can be difficult to ensure that all customers are communicated with at the right time, with the right message.  With AutoPlay AUTOMATION  we have built in a wide range of automation triggers designed to send out personalized messages and calls to action to help dealerships progress their leads down the road-to-a-sale - even when individual contact by the sales team is not possible.
  1. Trigger automated activity based on actions completed in AutoPlay or scheduled time frames 
  2. Specify the types of leads you want to trigger automation via customised Yard, Users, Sources, Campaigns or Makes
  3. Create different automation rules for different types of calendar events, close reasons, form types (TD, Appraisal etc) and progress stages – include or exclude as required
  4. Automate internal notifications, emails or SMS alerts to lead owners or managers
  5. Generate automated emails and SMS to potential customers utilising purpose-built templates and standard responses
  6. Set delays and escalations by combining multiple automation settings
  7. Establish blackout periods to “queue” or “suppress” automation activities
  8. Set up Brake points that prevent automation from triggering and opt out individual leads as required
  9. Retarget customers with automatically scheduled bulk Email or SMS campaigns
  10. Re-prospect potential customers with AutoPlays purpose built Live Leads eDM’s
  11. View a full history of all automation activities triggered for each rule


Automation is designed to supplement real phone, f-2-f, email or sms contact with your customers when resources do not allow for human interaction.  
  1. Ensure consistent, reliable messaging with professional templates and consistent messaging
  2. Deliver regular touchpoints throughout the pre-sales process - achieving levels of communication and engagement difficult to achieve via manual activity
  3. Streamline follow up procedures and save the sales team time manually following up
  4. Achieve levels of communication difficult to achieve via manual activity
  5. Save time and money manually creating eDM’s and Live Lead campaigns
  6. Minimise leakage and maximise conversion opportunities with the right message, via the right channel at the right time 
  7. Drive conversion and activity by becoming top of mind
  8. Track activity and conversion from Automation activity and adjust your strategy as required (COMING SOON)

Check out a sample Automation Deployment HERE

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