Why Am I Seeing A Message Stating I Must Have JavaScript Enabled To Login?

            AutoPlayAuto.com works on most HTML5 compliant browsers - we recommend the following browsers.

            1. Windows - Chrome or Firefox
            2. iOS - Safari
            3. Android - Chrome
            You can read more about compliant browsers HERE.

            If you see the message below this means that your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.  JavaScript is required in order to run AutoPlayAuto.com.  In most cases JavaScript is enabled by default, so if it is not enabled it is likely this setting has been changed at some point.

            To run AutoPlayAuto.com you must re-enable JavaScript on your web browser.  Depending on the web browser you are using this process can differ.  Click on either of the 2 links below to find out more about enabling JavaScript for your browser.

            If you continue to have issues please contact your internal IT Team for assistance.
            Updated: 02 Oct 2019 11:02 AM
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