What is the icon on the far right of the screen?

What is the icon on the far right of the screen?

The icon on the far right of the Dashboard is the Lead Origin.  The Lead Origin is another layer of tracking independent of the Lead Source and Lead Campaign.  The Lead Origin icon can be hovered over to reveal if the lead was manually loaded, captured via email, or loaded via an API.  You can also use the Lead Origin filter to narrow down your leads by these options.

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      In keeping the screen uncluttered and easy to use, when you initially open the Dashboard you'll see only the most commonly used filters for Status (Open, Closed), Users, Yards and Lead Progress (i.e. Awaiting Action, Test Drive etc).  If you expand ...
    • Why am I not seeing some sources that I know I have loaded leads against?

      The Lead Source filter shows only Active Lead Sources by default. To view inactive sources that might have leads against them click on the 'Include Inactive' checkbox.  'Inactive' Sources are displayed in italic and red font.
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      To speed up the Dashboard we've changed how the Lead Source and Campaign filters work.  Instead of returning only those with currently filtered to leads, the list shows all of the Sources/Campaigns available to your dealership - sometimes resulting ...
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