What does the coloured square in the 'Progress' field mean?

What does the coloured square in the 'Progress' field mean?

As with iOS and SIlverlight Studio the coloured square represents the customers perceived interest.  The square can be blue=cold, orange=warm, red=hot or not selected.  This can be set when viewing the lead detail screen.
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      This icon opens a shortcut to the customers contact details.  You can click on the customers phone, mobile or email to directly contact the customer, but any action completed here will not be automatically recorded within AutoPlay.  Instead this ...
    • Why am I seeing so many more options in the left hand side navigation menu?

      Most of these items were not previously visible to users outside of AutoPlay employees.  With autoplayauto.com we made a conscious effort to expose these to approved users.  This means that dealerships are able to self diagnose and change more ...
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      In autoplayauto.com the View Lead screen now has 3 shortcuts at the top of the screen.  The User icon can be clicked on to Allocate your lead to another user, and the Progress icon can be clicked to advance the progress of the lead.  Both of these ...
    • I forgot to select the customer as Opted Out when I created the lead. Can I update my customer later?

      You can click through to the Contact screen from your lead, or directly from the navigation menu.  Once you've found your contact you can open the 'General' section and change the Status to 'Opted Out (it will likely be 'New' or 'Current').
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