What does 'Delivered', 'Opened' and 'Video Views' represent?

What does 'Delivered', 'Opened' and 'Video Views' represent?

The results screen shows for each recipient of the email, what they did with it. 
'Delivered' means that AutoPlay's email server was successfully able to send the email to the customers email address. 
'Opened' means that the recipient opened the email in their inbox (if images are downloaded), or in the web page. 
'Video Views' represents the number of AutoPlay Virtual Demos the recipient watched. 
Note - these are all currently tracked in iOS and the old Silverlight Studio, but have been renamed here for improved clarity.

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      In the old Silverlight Studio the Email Campaigns and Live Leads screens were visible under the Emails section in the main navigation menu. In autoplayauto.com this menu item has been renamed as 'Communications'.  
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      Once you have sent the eDM, open the email record in autoplayauto.com and click on the 3 dots in the Action menu.  In this screen you can click 'View Results' to see which individual recipients opened or watched videos.
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