What devices and browsers can I use to access autoplayauto.com?*

What devices and browsers can I use to access autoplayauto.com?*

The latest version of the Sales Pipeline can be accessed via https://www.autoplayauto.com or https://autoplayauto.com 

The new version will essentially run on any device with a internet connection incl iOS, Android or Windows.  This means you can use AutoPlay on your Desktop (Windows 11), Tablet or Smartphone (iOS 11+).  
The application will work on any HTML5 compliant browser incl Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and most major web browsers. 

  • Chrome (Windows & Mac) 56+
  • Firefox (Windows & Mac) 44+
  • Safari 11+
  • Samsung 8.2+
  • Chrome Android 71+ (Note Chrome on iOS will work but will not be able to use camera functionality)
  • Edge 15+
  • Opera 43+
  • Internet Explorer 11 (will work, but audio and camera functionality will not)

Many browsers have restrictions on accessing the camera and microphone.  To avoid any complications we recommend the following browsers for each type of device.
  1. Desktop (Windows) – Chrome or Firefox
  2. Mac – Safari or Chrome
  3. Android – Chrome
  4. iOS (iPad/iPhone) – Safari

You can preview if your browser will work at https://html5test.com/
.  It must score 500 out of 555 points.

If you are specifically having issues with using the camera or microphone you can check  https://caniuse.com/#search=getusermedia to determine if your browser supports camera/microphone access.