Role Management - Vehicle Wishlist & Email

Role Management - Vehicle Wishlist & Email

The Vehicle Wishlist & Email Role controls the notifications sent to users when a Wishlist matches against an existing Listing or Appraisal.

When the Wishlist Matching routine runs, any users in this role will be emailed if one of their clients' wishlists matches a new listing or appraisal.  iPad Notifications are always created regardless of this role.  If role exists then ALL users can see wishlist screens. If user exists in role then they will be emailed if they are set up to receive Notifications and Emails in this role.

Managers will also receive notifications if the Role Notification Type is set accordingly and the receiving user has notifications enabled for this role instance.

Notifications can be set to go to User (who owns the lead), All Managers in the role or None.  This will control the notifications for all users in the role.  You can also turn the Notification for individual users in the role by clicking on the individual user and unticking 'Send Notification'

Wishlists Can Now Match On Pending Listings

As of 20.8.1 it's now possible to configure the Wishlist Matching to match on Pending Listings as well.  To configure this you can enable a new role attribute on the 'Wishlist Form & Email' role called 'Match On Pending Listings'.

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