Role Management - Send Lead & Appraisal SMS

Role Management - Send Lead & Appraisal SMS

Allows the user to send an SMS from a Lead or an Appraisal.  Role is yard/user specific.

Instead of sending via an SMS capable device the SMS be be sent from within AutoPlay utilising an SMS Gateway (must be signed up to use AutoPlay SMS Gateway as there are additional charges for this service).
This affects sending a SMS directly from a lead, as well as sending an SMS to a Wholesaler via the Appraisals screen.

Manager flag - can also send Bulk SMS's (to be implemented later)

NZ->NZ then 021, +6421 or 0064 will work.
NZ->AUS the +61XXX, 0061 will work.  XXX without country prefix will NOT work.
AUS->AUS then XX, +61XX or 0061 will all work
AUS->NZ then +64XX, 0064XX will work.  021 etc will NOT work.

Managers / Users: this is used just for the notifications.  If one or more users are specified then the notification will only go to that user if they are in the list. A Notification will also be sent to any managers in this role.  If NO users and/or yards are set then original rules apply - the notification is sent to the lead owner.

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