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Role Management - Manage Sources & Campaigns

The 'Manage Sources & Campaigns' role enables any users within the role to access the 'Lead Source' and 'Lead Campaign' screens from Settings>Sales Pipeline Settings.  For UK Clients it also provides access to the Test Drive Sources screen. 

'Manage Lead Source and Campaigns' role is yard, user and manager level

As a user in the role for a yard but not ticked as a Manager I can...
a. Can view the Lead Campaigns screens
b. Can only see the Lead Campaigns that are selected for the yards in their role or 'Any Yard'
c. Can not edit any Lead Campaigns at all
d. Can not create any new Lead Campaigns at all
e. Can not Delete any Lead Campaigns at all

As a user in the role for a yard who is ticked as a Manager I can...
a. Can view the Lead Campaigns screen
b. Can only see the Lead Campaigns that are selected for the yards in their role or 'Any Yard' and under their Group or Client
c. Can edit any Lead Campaigns that are created in their account
d. Can edit Monthly Cost, Order, Active for any Lead Campaign that is visible in their account, but is actually from a Brand/Group list
e. Can create new Lead Campaigns for their account. They only see in the Yard selection list the yards they are set up for within this role.
f. Cannot create Group Lead Campaigns unless they are a user within the parent account in that Group or AP#1 user
g. Can Delete any Lead Campaigns set up within their account. Needs to notify the user "There are leads with this Campaign assigned. If you delete this Lead Campaign your leads will default back to None. If you do not wish for this to occur then untick as 'Active' and your historical reporting will be preserved, but the Campaign will not be visible when creating a new lead."
I. Can not Delete any Lead Campaign that is not managed within their account (ie. from the Group list)

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