Role Management - Manage Contacts

Role Management - Manage Contacts

The use of the Address Book is controlled via the 'Manage Contacts' Role.
  1. If added to the role user can view contacts and contact groups
  2. If flagged as Manager, user can add/edit/delete contacts and add/edit contact group
  3. If no role created then all users have full access to the Address Book
  4. If role created then only the users within the role will have visibility of 'Address Book' and 'Contact Groups' screens
  5. The role cannot be restricted by Yard - the role functions across the entire account
Please note this role ONLY affects the use of the Address Book and Contact Groups screens.  If this role is not created within an account, or a user is not added to the role it will not affect the automatic search & matching of contact records when manually loading a lead.

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