Role Management - Group Lead Allocation

Role Management - Group Lead Allocation

If a dealership is part of a group it is possible to activate the 'Group Lead Allocation' role in order to move leads from one AutoPlay account to another.  With the 'Group Lead Allocation' role you can add the user ID of a user in the destination account, to your user in the account the lead was created in.  The lead will appear in a screen called 'Lead Allocation' and users with this role can click export to migrate the lead to the user in the other account. 

Historically this functionality was designed to use for OEM's during events where they would capture leads in one centralised AutoPlay account, then distribute them out to dealers after the event.  

The Group Lead Allocation role is designed for group accounts where there is a need to load leads in one account initially, then migrate from the group account to a dealer account (used by distributors for Fieldays). The role is an On/Off per User - there are no Manager, Make or Yard components.

Activating the role will result in the Lead Allocation screen being visible under the Sales Pipeline section of the AutoPlay Studio to the Users in the role. The screen will display any lead that is assigned to a user, who has a value in the 'Code' field in the User Details screen. When allocated the lead will be moved from the group account to the Dealerships individual account (assigned to the user).

In the account where the lead first originates the 'Code' field on the User screen must be populated with the user ID of the user in the account you wish to migrate the lead to.  For example;
  1. User A in Account 1 (User ID 33333) wishes to migrate a lead to User B in Account 2 (User ID 12345)
  2. In the 'Code' field for User A enter User B's AutoPlay ID 12345
  3. Any lead loaded in Account 1 against User A will appear in the Lead Allocation screen to export to User B
  4. If completed the lead will be moved from User A to User B in Account 2

Leads that are migrated from account to account using this functionality will;
1.   Remain visible to the managers in the recipient account for ALL yards that user has manage leads rights for (including from brochureware)
2.  All Forms and Emails on the original lead will still be attached on the new lead in the recipient account
3.  Recipients of the new lead will recieve the 'New Lead' alert if the 'Notify Recipient' attribute is ticked in the  'Group Lead Allocation' role
a.  User will receive an Email or Notification if these options are ticked in the Manage Leads role
b.  User will receive a SMS Notification if this is enabled in the Receive SMS Lead Notification role

4.  Leads migrated from account to account with the Group Lead Allocation function will be treated as electronic leads - meaning if the 'Do Not Allow Source & Campaign Modification on Electronic Leads' setting is enabled (in Settings>Company Settings>My Company>Account Preferences), then the recipient will not be able to modify the Lead Source or Campaign - making for more accurate source attribution.  

The exception is if the lead is moved to the recipient account with nothing populated in the Source or Campaign fields.  In this scenario the user will be able to add or edit the Source and Campaign fields as required.

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