Role Management - Closed Won Notification

Role Management - Closed Won Notification

A new role has been added “Receive Closed Lead as Won Notification'. This is a Yard based role. Any users added to the role, will receive a notification of any leads that are set to ‘Close Won’ for the specified yards. 

The notification will include relevant lead details including customer and vehicle details and any notes. 
  1. Where role exists and lead matches yard, on close won users who are in the role will receive a notification
  2. If the user closing the lead, is also in the role, this user does not receive a notification
  3. If leads are closed won  and they do not match the yard criteria of the notification role then no notifications are sent. 
  4. Emails are only sent when the ‘Send Email’ flag is on in the role, where this is not ticked then this only in-app notifications are received. 

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