Role Management - Close Lost Notification

Role Management - Close Lost Notification

The Receive Closed Lead As Lost Notification is the mid point between the default anyone can close status and the more restrictive Closed Permission role.  The Close Lead Notification role allows Users to close leads as lost BUT will automatically notify the manager of the User that closed the lead, and the Close Reason.

To set up a User to receive a Close Notification email add them to the Users list.  Note that unlike Close Permission you must also add the Yards that they are to receive notifications from.  This Yard in the context of this role is the yard that the lead is in.  This is generally the Yard the listing is in, however it may be a lead without a vehicle so it is recommended that Not Specified is added to the yard list. 
  1. The Manager tick does not do anything.  There is no need to add non managers to this role - simply set up the yard and who will get notifications for leads closed in that yard.
  2. As this yard utilises Yards, it is recommended that the role is labelled with the Name of the Yards so it is clear without having to drill down.  
  3. Any User who is added to this role will receive the notification email provided; 
  4. They are not the User who closed the lead.  In which case everyone else in the list will receive the notification except the user that closed the lead.
  5. The lead is loaded against one of the yards that has been included in the Yards section of the role the role record.

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