Role Management - Custom Lead Sources

Role Management - Custom Lead Sources

Dealer-level role.  If assigned to dealer then their lead source list will ONLY be records created for them or the dealer group that they belong to.

You can now have custom Lead Sources.  Works in the following way;
  1. New Role called CUSTOM LEAD SOURCE
  2. From the AutoPlay Account create New Item.  If Role CUSTOM LEAD SOURCE is not ticked the Lead Source will append to the Default list. 

However if the role IS set up it will create a unique list.
  1. Add the Lead Source Name.  If you want it to be for a group instead of a single dealership then choose the Group from the drop down. 

When setting up a group make sure to choose the head office account as the Client to ensure they have the same sources.
  1. If System is ticked that means the Lead Source will not be able to be selected manually.  As at 12/12/16 the only System Lead Sources are

Prospecting Activity, CRM Activity and Marketing Activity.  These tie into the Prospect & CRM screen – when a record is converted to a lead from that screen it automatically applies the appropriate Lead Source.
  1. If setting up for a dealership using the generic lead sources you do not need to do anything – these 3 Lead Sources are already created in the default list.  However if you create a custom list you also need to add mapping for these lead sources using the PROSPECT ACTIVITY TO LEAD SOURCE screen under Admin>Studio Admin

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