Role Management - Group Account Visibility

Role Management - Group Account Visibility

Offer To Dealer Group

A new Group Type has been added - 'Group Type Visibility'.  When Dealers are added to this Group Type they will be able to

  1. See Appraisals logged by each Dealer within that Group and if bidding is enabled then Users will be able to place bids on these Appraisals.  
  2. Create a Wishlist and  pull back matching listings and appraisals across all dealers within the Group.  

For the Role Management to work there is a dependancy on the Group Type also existing. 

Setting Up the Group Type
  1. Set Up Group Type 'Group Account Visibility' 
  2. Add Make or leave blank to apply to 'Any Make'
  3. Set Trade In Offer Time Limit (Hours) - this setting determines how long Dealers within the Group can place Bids on the logged Appraisals
  4. Add Dealers

Role Management 
  1. Only Users added to the 'Group Account Visibility' Role can send out Appraisals as Group Offers.
  2. When Allow Bidding is enabled on the Role, then users added to the role will be able to place Bids. 
  3. A restriction on Make exists on the Role - note if the Group setup as a Make then this will restrict what Makes will use the 'Make Offer' function. 
  4. If a Dealer requires some users to have bidding on, and then other users to have bidding off, then two separate roles can be added to the Account.
Note: The Make restrictions on the Group setting and Role Management apply to the Make on the Lead

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