Reporting On Test Drives

Reporting On Test Drives

There are two key measurables that allow dealerships to track Test Drive activity within

1.  Test Drive Forms
-  Test Drive Forms are used to track actual test drives that occur within the dealership.
-  Test Drive Forms are the most accurate way to track test drive activity
-  Multiple Test Drive Forms can occur against a single lead
-  In many reports multiple Test Drives will be counted against your Test Drive Activity
-  Leads with Test Drive Forms can be filtered to on the Dashboard using the 'Forms' drop down
-  You can filter the Vehicle Registry to Type=Test Drive and click 'Download' to get a list of all your Test Drive Forms completed 

2.  Update Progress - The Lead Progress field tracks the stages in the road-to-the-sale that the lead has passed through. 
-  To record that the lead made it to Test Drive stage users are able to tick the 'Test Drive' progress item. 
-  The 'Test Drive' progress is automatically ticked when creating a Test Drive Form (unless 'Update Lead Progress' is un-ticked)
-  Leads that made it to 'Test Drive' progress can be filtered to via the 'Progress' drop down on the Dashboard
-  Although a lead can go through the 'Test Drive' progress stage multiple times as the customer journeys along the road-to-the-sale, each lead can only be counted as making it to 'Test Drive' progress once.

Beyond filtering using the 'Progress' and 'Forms' drop downs, Test Drives can be tracked and measured a variety of ways;

Via Dashboard>MORE>Reporting
Within the Dashboard in the grey action menu there is an option for 'Reporting'.  The reports you see here will differ depending on your account set up, but include a number of reports that enable tracking of Test Drives.
  1. The 'Lead Progress Report' provides a date and time stamp for each stage the Lead has been through - including the 'Test Drive' stage.
  2. The 'Lead Audit Report' includes a field for both Current Progress, and a field labelled 'Test Drive Date' which shows the latest Test Drive Form completed.  For some dealers the Lead Audit shows only a single line per lead, but for others it has been customised to display an additional line for each Test Drive completed on a single lead.
To find out more about the reports available within  'Reporting' in the Dashboard click HERE. 

Via Sales Pipeline Reporting at
If you click on the 'Sales Pipeline Reporting' button on the LHS menu you will be automatically logged into the AutoPlay Reporting suite.  You can also access this suite directly via using your normal login and password.  Within the Sales Pipeline Reporting suite there are a number of reports that help measure Test Drive activity including;
  1. Lead Conversion Report - Measures conversion of Leads>Test Drives>Sales on a 1:1:1 basis (i.e only counts one Test Drive per Lead).  Test Drives are counted if they have at least one Test Drive Form OR the Lead Progress has been through 'Test Drive'
  2. Sales Pipeline Report - Measures the Current Progress of Leads so will highlight if you have a lot of leads held up at 'Test Drive' progress.  This can help identify if there are issues with your processes around taking customers for Test Drives.
  3. Daily Activity Performance - Measures all the Test Drive activity in the dealership.  Unlike other reports the Daily Activity Performance Report will count multiple Test Drive Forms even if they occur on the same lead.  If no Test Drive Form has been completed on a lead but the Lead has been through the Test Drive Progress stage this will be counted as one Test Drive (it will only ever count as 1 Test Drive unless multiple TD Forms are completed)
To find out more about the reports available within  'Sales Pipeline Reporting' in the Dashboard click HERE. 

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