Managing Roles

Managing Roles

Managing Roles is done by navigating form the LHS menu bar to the Company Settings/Role Management screen. 

Open or Create New Role

  1. If the Role does not already exist on the Dealership or you require a different configuration for an existing Role,  click the '+' from the Role Management List screen, and the 'Add New Client Role' screen appears.
  2. Alternatively open an existing role from the Role Management list screen and the Edit Client Role screen will display. 

  1. Filter by Role Type or search for the Role from the Role Dropdown and select the Role you require. 

  1. The Details for the Role will display, and the Name field will automatically be populated with the name of the Role.  This can be over-written, for example the Manage Leads role may have varying versions of the Role to cater for each yard, so it could be renamed to 'Managed Leads - Used Vehicles'. 
  2. Set the Notification settings and click Save. 
  3. On click of the Save option the Users, Yards and Record Details sections will display. 

Managing Notifications

  1. Notification To options include All Managers, Users, None 
    1. When selecting All Managers - then the Notification flag for All Managers will be flagged on
    2. When selecting Users - the the Notification flag for All Users will be flagged on. 
    3. When selecting None - the Notification flag for All Users is removed if it already exists. 
  2. The Send Email will enabling the sending of Email notifications as well as generating In-app notifications
  3. When Update Linked Notifications is ON, then when one User clears the Notification all users who have been sent the Notification will also have it cleared from their Notification list.  

Adding Users 

  1. On click of 'Edit' in the 'Users' section the 'Select Users' Pop-up will display.
  2. Keyword Serach for specific users
  3. Select All or Clear All functions
  4. Ability to Single or multi select 

  1. After making your selection click 'Save' and the Users section will show the Users who have now been added to the Role. 
  2. At this point you can choose to Include Users who have been 'deleted/no access'
  3. Clicking the arrow next to the Users name will expand the 'Sends Notifications' options, to turn on and off as required.  When ON the User will receive Notifications (this is also determined by the Notification setting on the Role).  When this is not ticked the User will not receive notifications. 
  4. Where Manager settings exist for the Role then the ability to click the Manager settings on/off exists.

Adding Yards

  1. On click of 'Edit' in the 'Yards' section the Yards p
  2. Keyword Serach for specific users
  3. Select All or Clear All functions
  4. Ability to Single or multi select 

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