I currently push to F & I providers from AutoPlay. Can I still do this?

I currently push to F & I providers from AutoPlay. Can I still do this?


You can push to F&I providers from the View Lead screen or from Action menu > MORE > Finance & Insurance (selected providers and dealerships only).
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    • How do I add Listings to my Write Up Form?

      The Write Up Form will automatically default to the Primary Listing on the Lead.  You can choose from any of the Listings on the Lead using the 'Select' button.  If you would like to select a listing that is not already on the lead you can do so by ...
    • How do I create a Test Drive/Appraisal/Wishlist/Write Up/Assistance Request Form?

      All forms can be created by clicking on the + button in the Action menu.  Alternatively from within the Lead Detail screen you can click on the 'Add' button in the Test Drive, Appraisal, Wishlist, Write Up or Assistance Request Form sections.
    • How does my customer sign Terms and Conditions?

      Your customer will sign the T&C's by clicking on the 'View & Sign' button in the Terms & Conditions section. This loads the Write Up T&Cs you have loaded for the yard, and a signature box to get signed by the customer.
    • How do I add a new listing?

      If you have the correct role management settings you can add a new listing using the + button in the grey action menu.
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      You can add attachments to your email via the 'Add/Edit Attachments' section.  You can choose any PDF or JPG from your PC or device just as you would with a normal email.   The current limit to upload files for attaching to emails is 15mb (as at ...