I Cannot Take Photos Or Record Audio In https://www.autoplayauto.com. Why?

I Cannot Take Photos Or Record Audio In https://www.autoplayauto.com. Why?

The first time you access the camera or microphone autoplayauto.com will ask you for permission, which you need to accept if you wish to utilise the camera or microphone.  If you accidentally decline, or this message does not appear you can manually set this;

- For iOS users - under SETTINGS>SAFARI>CAMERA & MICROPHONE ACCESS.  iOS is very strict and will always ask you for permission to access the camera and microphone on each screen you access.
- For Android users - under SETTINGS>APPS>CHROME/SAMSUMG WEB BROWSER ETC>Allows Camera & Microphone Access (will differ from browser to browser)

If you are still experiencing issues accessing the camera or microphone we recommend you talk to your IT Team.  You may have firewall or anti virus software blocking this functionality.

If you are specifically having issues with using the camera or microphone you can check  https://caniuse.com/#search=getusermedia to determine if your browser supports camera/microphone access.

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