How To View Created Test Drives

How To View Created Test Drives

Once you have created Test Drive Forms there are several ways to find your Test Drives.

1.  Via Dashboard
You can filter the visible leads in your Dashboard to only show those that have completed a Test Drive Form.  To do so you need to;
-  Click 'Show/hide advanced filters'
-  Refine filter by 'Form' and select 'Test Drive'
-  Only leads with Test Drive Forms complete will display 
-  You will only see the Leads with Test Drives that you have rights to view under the Manage Leads role.

Note - you could also choose to use the filter 'Any Progress' to select 'Test Drive' or any progress step beyond this step in the road-to-the-sale.  However this does not guarantee a Test Drive Form was completed, only that the Lead Progress was changed to 'Test Drive' at some stage.

When you open the lead you will see any Test Drives loaded against the Lead in the 'Test Drive' section.  If the section is collapsed click on the arrow icon to expand and view your Test Drives on this lead.

2.  Via Vehicle Registry
The Vehicle Registry screen shows a history of all the Loan Vehicle Forms (if set up) and Test Drive Forms created.  To find your Test Drive Forms;
-  Open the 'Show/hide advanced filters'
-  Filter by 'Type' and select 'Test Drives'
-  Make sure your Date Range is correct - by default the Vehicle Registry shows records created this month
-  Filter by 'Completed' or 'Incomplete' if required using the 'Status' drop down
-  You can type in a search using the keyword search

For more about the Vehicle Registry click HERE.

3.  Via Listing Activity
From the Dashboard you can access Listing Activity as pictured below.  Once you've selected the Listing you want to review you will see the Listing Activity screen - including all the Test Drives completed on this listing by all customers.  If you have the correct role management you can click to view the Test Drive Form.  If you do not have rights to view the record you will see a summary of the key info about the Test Drive instead.

Note - You can also access the Listing Activity screen via 'Listings>View/Edit Listing>MORE>Listing Activity

4.  Via Customer Activity
The Customer Activity screen will provide you with an overview of all the Test Drives created by customer.  You can access the screen via the Dashboard>Customer Activity menu as pictured below.  Once you have searched for a specific customer you can view their Test Drives via the Customer Activity screen.  If you have the right access under the Manage Leads role you will be able to click on the Test Drive record to view it.  If you do not have rights you will see a summary of the Test Drive instead.

Note - You can also access the Customer Activity screen via 'Contacts>Address Book>View/Edit Contact'

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