Lead Management - How To Set Up Recipients For New Electronic Leads

Lead Management - How To Set Up Recipients For New Electronic Leads

The Lead Management screen is used to manage the first recipients of new electronic leads that are captured automatically.  The Lead Manager screen operates independently from the Manage Leads role which controls lead visibility, whilst the Lead Management recipients are those that are allocated leads that are captured automatically to AutoPlay (i.e website leads), or imported from a third party system without being assigned to a user (i.e from a DMS or CRM).

The Lead Management screen can be viewed by any user with the Company Admin Role, or Lead Manager Admin Role.
The Lead Management screen enables the customisation of lead recipients by Yards, Makes, Sources and Campaigns.

Default if nothing specified is ALL Sources/Campaigns/Makes.  
If one of these is specified then it will only allocate to the select users IF it meets ALL of the settings on the screen.  For example.

Eg Lead Management setting 1 is Source A, Campaign A, Make A
Lead Management setting 2 is Source A, Any Campaign, Any Make
Lead Management Setting 3 is Campaign A, Make A, Any Source

If a lead comes in on Source A, Campaign A and Make A then match against LMS1 - meets all 3 requirements
If a lead comes in on Source A, Campaign A, but Make B then match against LMS2 - only meets Source requirement
If a lead comes in on Source B, Campaign A and Make A then match on LMS3 - only meets Campaign and Make requirements

It is now also possible to set up Lead Management settings in advance of training by creating the Lead Management record and ensuring the 'Active' checkbox is not ticked.  This lets set up and testing be completed in advance but can be easily disabled to stop lead alerts triggering before the dealership has received training.

Automatically Update Lead Management Screen With Role Management Settings (SPW-3077)

The 'Lead Management' screen controls the allocation of new leads, whilst the 'Manage Leads' role controls who is able to view all leads for any given user and yard.  Often dealers were getting conflicts between these two screens;
  1. Setting up new users and adding them to Lead Management settings but not adding them to the role
  2. Adding new users to a Manage Leads role but not setting the user up as the recipient of leads for the yard
  3. Adding a new Yard but not setting up new lead management settings or Manage Leads role
To minimize human error we've made several additions to version 20.6.1 of AutoPlayAuto.com

  1. When adding a User to the Lead Management screen the User drop down will ONLY display users that already have the Manage Leads role for one of the yards selected. 
  2. When saving a User in the Lead Management screen if they do not exist in a 'Manage Leads' role for any of the yards selected you will receive a warning to add them to the appropriate Manage Leads role.  
  3. If you are an AP1 user OR you have the 'Role Manager Admin' role you will be able to add your new Lead Manager to one of the existing roles - which will be displayed on a popup. 
  4. Here you can add the User to an existing Manage Leads role, view the Manage Leads roles the user is already in or click on 'Create New Role' to create a brand new role.
  5. If you do NOT have the Role Manager Admin role rights then you can view the eixsting Manage Leads roles but you will not be able to add the user to the roles or create a new one.  Instead support@autoplay.co.nz will be notified and will reach out to you to help you with your set up.
  6. When downgrading a User from a manager or removing the user from a Manage Leads role from the Lead Management screen you will not receive any warning at all as it is common to have user who require visibility over leads, but do not want to receive new lead alerts etc
  7. When removing a User from the 'Manage Leads role a warning will be displayed “This user is currently set as the Manager in the Lead Management screen. We recommend you update these settings to reflect the new manager and recipient of new leads”.  This is to ensure that dealerships remember to update the recipients of leads when staff change roles or leave the dealership
  8. When adding a new Yard and saving users will see a message "Your Yard has been created.  Remember to set up a recipient for Leads within this yard, as well as any relevant Role Management settings"

It is also possible to set up an automatic rotation of new leads recipients.  See Auto Allocate by Rotation for details on how this function works.

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