How To Email Test Drive Forms

How To Email Test Drive Forms

How To Email Raw Data
Once you have created a Test Drive Form it's possible to email the raw data captured via the email icon pictured below.  This will open up your devices normal email client and send a un-formatted text email to whatever email you enter.

How To Email PDF Form Via The Test Drive Screen
If you click on the printer icon you will open a new browser window showing the PDF output of your Test Drive Form.  From here you can right click to 'Download'/'Save As' to save the PDF.  This PDF will then be available on your device to email from either within AutoPlay, or via your normal email client.

How To Email PDF Via Email Response
A much nicer approach is to send a fully HTML video email using's built in Email Response Tool.  Once you have saved your Test Drive Form, return to the View Lead screen and click on the 'New Email Response' button.  When you are sending your email open up the 'Add/Edit Attachments' section, select the 'Lead/Listing Files' option and select the Test Drive you wish to email your customer.  This will add your PDF Test Drive Form to your nicely branded email templates via - ensuring a more professional result for your customers.

To read more about AutoPlay Email Response click HERE.
To read more about adding attachments to AutoPlay Email Responses click HERE.

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