How To Create a Finance Form (F&I Form)

How To Create a Finance Form (F&I Form)

  1. Users who belong to the 'F&I Form Role' will see a Finance Section on all Leads.
  2. On expanding of the Section a thumbnail of created Finance Forms will display and the Add button displays.
  3. The '+' icon on the grey Action Menu includes an option to add a Finance Form. 
  4. On click of 'Add' or the '+' icon, a new Finance Form displays.


  1. By default the Primary Listing is pulled from the Lead.   To replace the Primary with any 'Other' listings from the Lead click "Select' and the 'Other' listings will display, with the option to 'Select more' to add a new Listing that is not already on the Lead. 
  2. If a new 'Primary' or 'Other' listing(s) is added to the Finance form these will be added to the 'Other' listings section on the  Lead. 
  3. To delete a 'Primary' or 'Other' listing simply click the rubbish bin
  4. Note that a Listing must exist on the Finance Form for the record to display. 


  1. The Customer details are automatically pulled from the Lead, and any modifications to the Customer record on the Lead, Finance Form or Contact record in the Address Book are synchronised. 


  1. The Licence details are automatically pulled from the Lead, and any modifications to the Licence details on the Lead, Finance Form or Contact record in the Address Book are synchronised. 

Second Customer

  1. This is a free text section, and the details are only stored on the Finance Form.   A contact record is not created for the Second Customer

Product Type

  1. Select the required Insurance and Finance providers from the drop down.  You can 'Add' as many records as required (dependant on list available).
  2. To remove a Product Type click the 'Rubbish Bin' icon. 


  1. Any Appraisals that have been added to the Lead can be selected.  
  2. Expand the Appraisal section and click the 'Add' button 

Finance Quote

  1. Purchase Price - Price of the Vehicle
  2. Amount Financed - (Price of the Vehicle, less deposit and trade-in amount)
  3. Payment Rate % - Interest Rate
  4. Deposit
  5. Term - Finance Term
  6. Balloon/Residual - Amount left to pay at end of Finance period
  7. Payout  - Actual Amount paid with interest
  8. Repayment
  9. Changeover - Price of the Vehicle less Trade In 
Only Users flagged as a Manager can set the Approval and Converted flag.   If User is not a Manager, on Save of the record a notification is sent to Managers to Approve and Convert the request. 


  1. The Notes section is a free text field. 

On click of Save the Form is created. 
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