How To Check Vehicles Back In Using The Loan Car Form

How To Check Vehicles Back In Using The Loan Car Form

The Vehicle Registry can be used to keep track of where your vehicles are at any time.  In order to track accurately it is important that vehicles that are out on loan are checked back into inventory.  To check Loan Vehicles back into stock go to 'Listings>Vehicle Registry' and search for the Loan Vehicle you want to complete (for more on the Vehicle Registry click HERE)

If when you created the Loan Vehicle Form you ticked 'Auto Complete' the Loan Vehicle Form will automatically be completed if you had scheduled a date/time in the 'Ended' field.  If you had not you will need to check the vehicle back in by entering an end date for your loan vehicle.  You can do this one of two ways.

1.  Tick the 'Completed' check box
Ticking the 'Completed' check box will automatically apply an end date of today's date and the current time.  You will need to click 'Save' in order to keep your changes.

2.  Click on the 'Complete Loan Vehicle' button in the 'MORE' section of the grey action menu
If you click on the 'Complete Loan Vehicle' button it will automatically tick the 'Completed' check box and apply today's date, and the current time in the 'Ended' field.  If there is already a date populated in the 'Ended' field you will be asked whether you want to update the date/time.

You can enter a date/time in the 'Ended' field to update when the Loan Vehicle was actually returned - even if this was in the past, however you will not be able to enter an end time that occurs before the start time.  Please note that entering an 'Ended Time' by itself will not complete the Loan Vehicle Form - you still need to complete the Loan Vehicle Form using one of the methods outlined above.

When you check a Loan Vehicle back in you can add the 'Odometer In' via the field in the 'Duration' section of the Loan Vehicle Form.

It is also recommended that you take photos of the vehicles condition both before loaning the vehicle (via 'Condition Out') and when it is returned - via 'Condition In'.  To do so open the 'Images' section, click on the 'Condition In' tab and take photos using either of the camera icons pictured below.

Once you have completed a Vehicle Loan Form the vehicle will be checked back into stock.  When you access the Vehicle Registry screen again your Loan Vehicle Form will be visible when filtering to 'Completed' Loan Car Forms.  Completing Loan Vehicle Forms will also remove the 'ON LOAN' banner on that listing wherever it is used.

To find out more about creating a new Vehicle Loan Car Form click HERE.

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