How To Add Standard Response & Standard Text To Your Email

How To Add Standard Response & Standard Text To Your Email

It is possible to pre-load 'Standard Response' and 'Standard Text' to your account to use when building Email Responses.  These records enable the user to easily add pre-loaded content to their email.  Click HERE to find out more about setting up 'Standard Response' and 'Standard Text' records.

1.  Standard Responses
Before you do anything on your email you may want to load a 'Standard Response'.  You can do so by clicking on the email icon in the action menu as circled below.  Loading a Standard Response will wipe any content on the email so it is recommended that loading Standard Responses is the first thing to be completed before modifying any other fields. 

Standard Responses can be customised to load text, images and an email template, and can be set up to be visible to all users or selected users only.  In addition if you have specified that your Standard Response only be available on certain Yards or Lead Sources, you will only be able to select the Standard Response if your Lead is in the correct yard, with the correct Lead Source.

Once you have built an email the 'Load Standard Response' icon changes to a 'Save Standard Response' icon.  This lets you save your email as a Standard Response to use again at a later date.

2.  Standard Text
If you don't need to add images, or select a template you can use the 'Standard Text' functionality instead.  Standard Text will populate to the 'Message' field.  If you have previously loaded a 'Standard Response' the message field may already be populated, but can be edited now without affecting your standard response.  

With both Standard Responses and Standard Text it is possible to add tags to help you build  your emails even easier.  For example we can add tags for your name and phone number details, the customers name and the listing that is on the email.  This saves you having to key this information in on every email you create.  Contact for assistance with tags.

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