How do I stop selected Appraisals being returned as matches in my Wishlist Form?

How do I stop selected Appraisals being returned as matches in my Wishlist Form?

In your Appraisal Form you can select the 'Exclude From Wishlist' checkbox to ensure the Appraisal is not matched against in the Wishlist.

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    • How do I create a Test Drive/Appraisal/Wishlist/Write Up/Assistance Request Form?

      All forms can be created by clicking on the + button in the Action menu.  Alternatively from within the Lead Detail screen you can click on the 'Add' button in the Test Drive, Appraisal, Wishlist, Write Up or Assistance Request Form sections.
    • How do I limit my Wishlist matches to Appraisals only Open Leads?

      When creating a Wishlist you can tick the 'Match When Lead Closed' checkbox to include Appraisals on closed leads as well as open.  If you prefer to only match on open leads leave the box unticked - this can be an effective way to move both leads ...
    • What do I do with the matching Appraisals and Listings?

      You can add any matching listings to your lead on the spot by clicking on the 'Add To Lead' button.  If you have role management rights you can click on any matching Appraisal to view the full Appraisal Form.  If you do not have rights you will see a ...
    • How do I mark my Appraisal as 'Approved' or 'Traded'?

      You can mark the Appraisal as 'Approved' if you have been set up as a manager in the Vehicle Appraisal Manager Approval role.  The tick is located in the MORE menu as 'Approve Appraisal'.  Alternatively you can tick 'Manager Approval' check box ...
    • How do I add Listings to my Write Up Form?

      The Write Up Form will automatically default to the Primary Listing on the Lead.  You can choose from any of the Listings on the Lead using the 'Select' button.  If you would like to select a listing that is not already on the lead you can do so by ...