How do I navigate around

How do I navigate around

For simplicity the main navigation menu is located on the left hand side of the screen - just like the iOS app and the old Silverlight Studio. 

The menu is divided into sections that can be expanded or collapsed as required.  Clicking on each menu item will open that menu. 

If at any stage you need more space to view the page content you can hide the navigation menu using the < button.  When you view a page such as an individual lead or listing, you can return to the previously viewed page using the back button on your browser, or by clicking on the relevant menu item and navigating back.

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    • Why am I seeing so many more options in the left hand side navigation menu?

      Most of these items were not previously visible to users outside of AutoPlay employees.  With we made a conscious effort to expose these to approved users.  This means that dealerships are able to self diagnose and change more ...
    • How do I create a Test Drive in

      You can create a Test Drive via the Dashboard or from the View Lead screen.  The create options are shown in the Action menu under the + button.  You will see options for 'Test Drive', 'Appraisal', 'Write Up' and 'Wishlist'.  All of these will create ...
    • I've found my I want to create a Lead against them. Can I do this?

      Yes. In you can send an email, create a lead, test drive or loan vehicle directly from the customer record (without having to navigate back to the Dashboard.  Once you've found your contact, click on the + button within the Action ...
    • Where is the Listing Reporting menu item?

      The Listing Reporting button has been moved from it's own separate menu item to a function within the Listings screen.  All of the report options are available under the 'Reporting' menu.
    • I can't find the 'Generate Reports' menu?

      We've moved the Generate Reports menu to the grey action menu on the top right hand side when you are on the Dashboard screen.  This is located under the MORE menu item > Reporting. Users still select the report they wish to run and the parameters ...