How do I email or sms the wholesaler some vehicle details?

How do I email or sms the wholesaler some vehicle details?

You can click on the Communication icon to 'Email PDF', 'Email Wholesaler' and 'Send SMS'. 

Note that 'Email PDF' will email exactly the same form as you can print so it may be appropriate to select the 'Email Wholesaler' option - this removes any confidential internal valuations or customer data.  With the 21.4.1 Release, this function has now been changed to populate the email and content and have it sent from within AutoPlay, previously this was opening your devices default Email Client (EG, Outlook), and allowing a user to type in their own recipients.

The same process is now replicated, but within the AutoPlay application. This is to eliminate several display issues that were occurring over multiple email clients when the data was being displayed. Users will now simply need to type their recipients email into the email address field, edit or update any details within the email copy, and press send.

Wholesalers can be added individually into your AutoPlay account, and also set as groups, this will allow easy selection to send your appraisals. More information can be found on how to do this here.

The 'Send SMS' function will send from your smartphone unless you have a SMS Gateway set up with AutoPlay. 

Any SMS sent directly from your phone is not tracked by AutoPlay. 

If you create an AutoPlay Email Response you can also attach the Appraisal PDF to your video email response for a professional follow up with your customer.

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