How do I delete a user?

How do I delete a user?

If you have the right role management setting you can delete a user that no longer requires access to AutoPlay.  The 'Delete' button is visible in the Action menu under the User Details screen.  If you Delete a user their historical leads will remain under their name within AutoPlay, and in reporting.  If the user has any open leads against them the system will prompt to reallocate those leads to a new user.

To ensure Lead Management settings are kept consistent with active Users and Yards, a change has been made to ensure that when a User status is changed to DELETED or NO ACCESS or a Yard is DELETED a notification will display to show that a Lead Management record exists.

Notification on Delete of a User

As part of the 24.4.2 sprint release, and new setting has been added to the User Admin Role, "Enhanced Deletion Process", if this role attribute is enabled, then an extra set of deletion checks will be in place when removing a user, it will also not allow for the user to be deleted if they are still associated with these settings

  1. Lead Management
  2. Lead Management Rotation
  3. Lead Management Collaborator
  4. Lead Management Collaborator Group
  5. Scheduled Report recipient
  6. Automations: Specified user
Not all account users will have access to these settings and AutoPlay support may need to help update these in the background

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