Finance Form - Role Management

Role Management - Finance Form (F&I Form)

Role Management - the Finance Form section on a Lead, will only be available will only be available to users with the 'F&I Form Role’
  1. Role is  Yard based - the Form will only display for Leads that match this Yard
  2. Role has Managers - Managers can approve the Form and convert he Quote to actual Finance, non managers cannot approve or convert the Form. 
  3. Role has notifications - Email,  SMS and In App Notifications

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      The F&I Form (Finance and Insurance Form) is available to anyone who has the 'F&I Form Role'.   Users will only be able to add the form to existing Leads. The Form displays all Listing, Customer, Second Customer and Appraisal information, with a ...
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      Users who belong to the 'F&I Form Role' will see a Finance Section on all Leads. On expanding of the Section a thumbnail of created Finance Forms will display and the Add button displays. The '+' icon on the grey Action Menu includes an option to add ...
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      The Form Filter on the Dashboard includes 'F&I Form'.  On selection of this filter, your query will only return leads with a Finance Form included. We would recommend searching by other filters e.g., date range, lead id if available, customer details ...
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