Employee Loan Car Forms

Employee Loan Car Forms

It has always been possible to complete Loan Car Forms for your staff via AutoPlayAuto.com.  However as each Loan Car Form required a customer this made it more clicks than it needed to be when completing one for dealership staff.

As of 21.1.1 it is now possible to add an 'Employee Loan' rather than a 'Loan Vehicle'.  When on the Vehicle Registry screen there is now a new option under the + Add menu for 'Employee Loan'.  

Users are also able to select this option from the + Shortcut when viewing a listing on the Listings screen.

When you select this option the entire Customer section is removed.  You no longer have to search for your employee in your Customer database.  Instead you can simply select the Employee in the Salesperson drop down (it will default to the logged in user and the names visible here will be the users available in the Loan Car Role).

Selecting an Employee bypasses all the mandatory field requirements for customers and saves a lot of time when creating Loan Car Forms for staff.  It is still possible to take photos of the employees drivers licence, get T&C's signed and check the vehicle in and out, but the rest of the process is more streamlined to reflect the fact you already know who your staff are.  When viewing one of these records in the Vehicle Registry it will be flagged as Type=Employee, the Contact Name will be blank and the Salesperson name will be visible instead.

If you wish to you are still able to continue using the standard Loan Car Form for Employee Loan Cars as this option is still available.  It is not recommended that you use an 'Employee Loan' Form for customers as you will not have anywhere to add customer details.  For any loan forms outside of the business please continue using the standard Loan Car Forms.

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