DMS Integration Overview - Who Do We Integrate With?

DMS Integration Overview - Who Do We Integrate With?

AutoPlay integrate with all of the major DMS providers in NZ, and a growing number of providers in Australia.

AutoPlay currently integrates with;
  1. AutoLine (NZ) - Listings (1-way) and Leads (2-way)
  2. AutoIT (NZ) - Listings (1-way) and Leads (2-way)
  3. Comsol F2 - Listings (1-way) and Leads (2-way)
  4. Magix - Listings (1-way) and Leads (2-way)
  5. Revolution TUNZ (NZ) - Listings (1-way)
  6. Orion (NZ) -Listings (1-way)
  7. MotorCentral (NZ) - Listings (1-way)
  8. Fasttrac (NZ) - Listings (1-way)
  9. Grant Day (NZ) - Listings (1-way)
  10. Pentana  (NZ) - Listings (1-way)
  11. AutoIT (AUS) - Listings (1-way) and Leads (2-way)
  12. Titan (AUS) - Listings (1-way) and Leads (2-way)
  13. EasyCar (Aus) - Listings (1-way) and Leads (1-way)
The integration list is changing every day.  Contact to find out more about whether AutoPlay can integrate with your DMS provider.
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