Automation - Trigger Filters

Automation - Trigger Filters

It possible to set up Trigger Filters to further narrow down the leads you want to include in your Automation Trigger.

There are numerous 'Types' available to further narrow down the selection of leads that would trigger your Automation including;
  1. Calendar Event Type (e.g Booked Test Drive, Scheduled Vehicle Appraisal, Visit Inbound etc)
  2. Form Type (e.g Test Drive Form, Appraisal Form, Write Up Form, Wishlist Form)
  3. Lead Closed Type (e.g Close Reasons supplied when lead is Closed As Lost)
  4. Lead Origin (e.g the uneditable true source of where the lead came from such as Manually Loaded or API)
  5. Lead Type (Walk In, Phone, Email, Other)
  6. Listing Body Type (e.g Hatch, Sedan, SUV etc)
  7. Listing Fuel Type (e.g Petrol, Diesel, Electric, Hybrid)
  8. Manager Approved Status (e.g. is the Appraisal Approved or not)
  9. Progress Item Type (e.g Awaiting Action, Phone Call Made, Meet & Qualify, Test Drive, Finance etc)
  10. Traded Status (e.g. is the Appraisal marked as Traded or not)

Targeting Or Excluding Manually Created Leads vs Electronically Captured Leads

There are two ways to target/exclude manually created leads vs electronically captured leads depending on your preference.

Setting 'Lead Type' under Trigger Filters enables dealerships to set specific automations for electronically captured leads vs manually loaded leads.  As per the screenshot below this can be achieved by selecting Email and Phone Lead Types and excluding Email Lead Types.

It is important to remember that Lead Type is just a field in and thus it is possible for a user to manually load a lead but select the Lead Type as 'Email'.  If this configuration is not rubust enough then you can also use 'Lead Origin' to achieve a similar result.

The Lead Origin is the true source of the lead that and how AutoPlay captured it.  The field is not editable so is the most reliable way to identify manually loaded leads vs electronically captured leads (via email, API, DMS integration etc).  To exclude manually created leads from an automation you can select 'Manually Created' and 'Exclude' to target your automation at all other types of leads.  When set up this way any lead manually loaded to will not trigger the automation to occur.

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