Automation - Lead Progress Sold

Automation - Lead Progress Sold

When Lead Progress Sold is selected then the option of selection an action type of 


Once the Trigger settings are met, then the option of selecting an action type of either to  Create a Calendar Event or Close Lead as Lost.

Create Calendar Event
  1. Delay (from 30 minutes through to 1 year)
  2. Event (Phone Inbound, Phone Outbound, Email Inbound, Email Outbound, Visit Inbound, Visit Outbound, Booked Test Drive, Delivery, 48 Hour Follow Up, 3-7 Day Follow Up, Attempted Contact, Notes, Live Leads follow Up, 14 Day Follow Up, SMS, Post Sale Follow Up)
  3. Title (Free Text)

Close Lead As Lost 
  1. Multiple Events can be created
  2. They can be set to create at the time the trigger conditions are met, or delayed by a period of 30 minutes through to 1 year.
  3. The Reference field will be added to the Calendar Event


There are a number of Brake Types that can be selected which will 'stop' the Triggers.  One or many Brake types can be selected.
  1. Customer Sent Email or SMS or Click to Call
  2. Calendar Event Created
  3. Customer Sent Email Campaign
  4. Customer Sent Email or SMS or Click To Call
  5. Customer SMS or Email Recieved
  6. Form Created
  7. Lead Closed Lost



By default, these are set to All Yards, with the option of selecting one or many. 

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