Automation - Dealer Group Settings

Automation - Dealer Group Settings

With the popularity of AutoPlay Automation growing we've now added some tools to make it easier to set up for OEM's and Dealer Groups en masse. Instead of having to replicate 20 unique Automation settings for 20 different AutoPlay accounts you can now set up just one Automation under the parent account.

Selecting 'Process For Child Dealers' will result in a 'Dealers' box appearing within the Automation screen. 

Within the 'Dealers' section you will be able to select any of the dealers that share a Dealer Group with the parent account you are viewing.  Within this selection you can opt to trigger the automations within the parent account, or exclude the parent account and only trigger automations for activity in the child accounts. Selecting 'All Dealers' will include the parent account in your automation setting.

When setting up Automation for Groups you are restricted to selecting Yards that are enabled as 'brochureware' only. If you need to specify other yards within the dealership you will need to set up either individual automation settings in the dealers account, or utilising the 'Make' filter options to control which leads trigger the automation without needing to specify individual Yards.

When viewing the Automation record in a individual Dealer account the Automation record will be visible, however it will be locked and unable to be modified (however all logging of Automation events triggered will be available in each account). If you need to modify anything such as the Email Response Template to suit an individual dealership you will need to revert back to creating individual Automation settings for each dealer in the group.

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