Automation - Brakes

Automation - Brakes

Although you can opt out individual leads from triggering Automation there may be times where you want certain actions completed by the customer, or by a user of to prevent the Automation from triggering.

For this purpose AutoPlay has a list of Brakes that when set will result in Automation not being triggered.  

A practical example of breaks being applied are where you have an automation setting that is designed to target all Closed Lost Leads.  If that lead is requalified and the lead is reopened to deal with on a individual basis by one of your sales team then it may not be appropriate to automatically communicate with the customer if the message is targeted at a closed lost audience.  In this scenario a dealer could set up the Brake=Lead Reopened.

The list of Automation Brakes pictured above is current as at February 2021 and will be added to over time as new functionality is built.

When setting an End Date as a brake will enable the 'Date' field to become visible where it is possible to set a date - after which no lead that meets the trigger will send.  The practical application for this setting is when short term, time sensitive promotions are occurring - ensuring that dealers do not need to remember to disable their Automation settings.  

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