Auto Test Drive UK - Creating a Test Drive

Auto Test Drive UK - Creating a Test Drive

1. Create a New Test Drive

There are two ways of creating a Test Drive

1.1  From the 'Vehicle Registry' Screen click the '+' icon in the Grey Menu bar. 

1. 2  From the Listing Screen 
  1. On click of the 'blue +' icon in the Activity column, the Test Drive and Lead options display.  
  2. Click Test Drive and the 'New Test Drive' option displays

2.  Review GDPR / Drivers Licence Verification Consent

On click of the View & Sign button the GDPR and Drivers Licence Verification Consent displays given the Dealer the opportunity to review the Terms with the customer. 

3. Sign the GDPR /Drivers Licence Verification Consent

  1. On the Signature Tab the 'Agree' toggle displays giving you the option to toggle through the 'Yes' or 'No' option, depending on whether the  customer agrees or disagrees to the consent and a signature is required. On click of 'Yes', the customer has the option of selecting what marketing channels and contact methods they agree too.   Individual selection, multi-select and Select All options are all available.  One of these options must be selected before the Save option is enabled.
  2. Click 'Save' to confirm the selection.  
  3. Select the Preferred Contact Method. 

4. Capture Customer Details

To accurately capture the details we recommend scanning the Drivers Licence as a minimum and where possible a Business Card.
A lookup function is available to search for existing customers, for returning address details, and if the customer's postal address is different to the physical address, this can be entered here. 

5. Verify Drivers Licence 

  1. On click of the 'Driver Licence' check, a Confirm prompt will display confirming the Licence Number the check will use. 
  2. Click Yes and the Driver Licence Report will display

  1. If a Drivers Licence check as been made on this Licence then this will display as a 'Previous Result' with the date of the last check. 

6. Confirm Custom and Click Add

To proceed to the next step click on the red 'ADD' button at the bottom of the screen.  As it is so important to maintain a clean and tidy database, if you have not already run a customer search, the system will automatically run one and let you know if their are similar customers already in the database, and if so provide an opportunity to update any details that may conflict with the info just captured.

7. Add New Test Drive

At this point you will arrive at the Test Drive Form screen

  1. Select Source
  2. Add Listing either from your Listing Database or manually enter Vehicle Details

8.  Test Drive Duration

  1. The Start time will default to the time the test drive is created - but can be set to any date or time.
  2. The End time is calculated as the 'Start Time +30mins' but this can also be set to any date or time
  3. The Completed tick box can be manually edited, or by ticking 'Auto Complete' this will automatically set the Test Drive to completed when the end time is met.
  4. Test Drive Status
    1. This is calculated automatically, based on whether the Test Drive has been flagged as completed and the start and end times - the tool tip next to the Status provides you with a description of each status. 
  • Uncompleted (completed flag false, start time not passed)

  • In Progress (completed flag false, start time passed, end time not passed)

  • Overdue (aka Scheduled for pickup) (completed flag false, start time passed, end time passed)

  • Completed (completed flag true, start/end time have no impact)

  1. Record 'Odometer Out' reading

9. Second Driver

  1. There is a provision for adding a second driver on the Test Drive. 

10. Options

  1. Clicking on the View and Sign will display your Dealer Test Drive terms and conditions which need to be signed by the Salesperson and Customer.  

11. Add/Edit Images

  1. This section provisions for recording drivers licence images and the ability to take photos of the Vehicle at check out and check in. Scroll through the tabs and either take images directly from your device or upload saved images. 

12. Communication Options

  1. Users have the ability to  email a copy of the Test Drive PDF.  From the  Communications Tab, click  Email PDF, which will create an email with a link to the PDF. 

13. Click Save
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